These days I am in Akshay Park, Hubli.It is a location where ordering pizza comes handy for people.But whenever I am with friends and we need to beat this hunger pangs, I always prefer restaurant food over pizza.

The fact is nothing can match home cooked food but there are days when you are too occupied to go cooking.For such days, I rely on Panjurli, a restaurant at Gokul road.

Gokul road is dotted with number of restaurants.Panjurli is the newest in this series.My first visit to the restaurant was with my husband.As we entered, the restaurant looked extremely crowded and noisy.Amidst all those noise and crowd, we could not decide whether to go ahead with our plans of dining here or cancel it.Just then, we were prompted by a man at the entrance suggesting us to go upstairs.We went upstairs.Upstairs, it was just like any other restaurant with decent dining arrangements.What I liked most about that place was the pictures of freedom fighters hanging all around.Frankly, that does not go with the glass and cubicle like set up that they have.But I liked the spirit and message behind it.Then we picked menu.While we were deciding on what to order, my husband showed me that 'Free Home Delivery' written on their menu card.Blogger me jumped to click pictures of the menu.
(At that selfish moment, I forgot to click for my non vegetarian friends.Sorry friends! Panjurli has another brown coloured menu card for non-veg servings.But you can enquire it on phone)

Food: We ordered a gobi manchurian, palak paneer and naans.Gobi manchurian tasted good.Naan was ok types.Palak paneer had very few paneer cubes in it.Though, it tasted good.The best part was, when we complained about this to staff, they immediately offered to replace that.But since we had already started eating, we did not find it appropriate to leave the previous one half ate.All an all an above average experience.

After few days, I placed an order for home delivery.To my surprise it was super super quick delivery.The gentleman who came for delivering food was well spoken and professional.The order had chapatis, rice, some sabzi and manchurian.And all this in 20 minutes.Food was steaming hot and tasted very good.Tomato ketchup sachet, onion rings and lime wedges were extras.

Overall Experience:My experience is more biased towards the home delivery part.

*Rating- 4.9/5


(i)Fast delivery
(ii)Free delivery
(iii)Food tastes good
(v)Pictures of freedom fighters in their brick mortar set up.


(i)Packing.Food parcel looks ordinary and does not have name of the restaurant written anywhere.So, -0.1 for it. 


  1. Adarsh Shetty - Says:

    thanks for sharing ur experiance with us dear. Hotel Shree panjurlli Adarsh shetty

  2. SIDDU MATHAD - Says:

    Well let me visit once then.....

  3. Maruthi - Says:

    Good review.Been there recently after reading this.Nice set-up and pictures of freedom fighters was definitely a winner.Food was also good.

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