My mantra for home decor- one can never go wrong with lights, flowers and art.

This post is about redoing that other corner in our home and rejigging routine table settings. And that too in a jiffy.

Creativity has no rules but with random attempts at setting up nooks and crannies in my house, I have found that there are few things one can never go wrong with..

DSC_0720 (1)

An art background with some flowers, magazines and lights is a clear winner when it comes to home decor.(image at left)

Placing some flowers or plants, a few light arrangements and some magazines or books against a large decorative item like a painting, an artwork or a mirror as background serves the purpose more often than not.

(see adjoining sketch).


These things can be used independently as well. And on using them together, a place is all set to grab the eyeballs.

20140706_235154 (1)

 Additionally, listed below are few hacks for decorating this other corner in your room which was lying unattended for days:-

(i) Use bland and neutral colors for base- Neutral colors provide a good base for placement of colorful items. A coloured base topped with colourful items is a strict no-no. A heavily colored base restricts usage of items over it. However, the vice versa is not true because if we use bland tone as base (example- jute/wood/white runners), it doesn't cast a gaudy reflection on other items.Jute mats and runners could be placed on a table, tray or floor to start with.

(ii) Items of varying heights and shapes-A similar kind of items create a monotonous and boring look. It is always good to use items of different heights and sizes in an arrangement. This ensures viewer has a wide range of articles to look at.

(iii) Layering- Be it clothing, be it programming, be it architecture or be it human psychology; layering is always an in-thing. The same goes true for home decor. Try not to keep things side by side. It should not look as if all the items are placed one after the other. Layer all or most of them ; like a small candle in front of big vase or a small frame in front of bigger one. Don't bother if everything is not fully visible in isolation. It is alright if a part of one item overlaps other. Done creatively, it is bound to look good.

(iv) Use bells and hanging items- Human brain loves to predict. Hanging a bell or any other curio in a corner provides a clear frame of reference to the viewer. It gives an idea of where to begin from and how to look at the overall setup.


Cover Page is a wall arrangement#Kakri Quarter.

Images in post in order of appearance:
(i)First image is an arrangement in room#KakriQuarter#Currentabode
(ii)Second one is a sketch drawn by me.
(iii)Third is a window arrangement in my room at family hostel#Singrauli#Previousabode.

(I wrote this post originally at While uploading the same here, have tweaked my writings a bit).


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