feeling or showing thanks, be grateful.

I am back to work. Back to my office. 
This afternoon, while I was in office completing my assignments with same old vigour, it became difficult for me to resist that feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for all those who made it possible for me to start afresh.

So I thought of doing this blog post on my list of thankfulness.

1.I am thankful to that day when my pains peaked. In hindsight, I realize worsened symptoms sometimes may serve as a prerequisite for a diagnosis.

2. Thankful to Hemant(my husband's friend) for escorting us to hospital.

3.I am thankful to Dr.Manjula.C.Patil, the one who diagnosed what actually was wrong inside me.

4. Thankful that I was on leave and with my husband at the time of diagnosis.

5. Thankful that we got to know about this pregnancy before it ruptured.

6.Thankful that Manjula Ma'am told us to seek 'Institutional advice' and referred me to Medical College.

7.Thankful to all the staff of emergency ward of SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Dharwad.

8.Thankful to Dr.Rithesh, Dr Shilpa Rms and Dr.Usha.Thankful to Dr.Rithesh for bringing smile on my face with his chit chat and concerns, thankful to Dr.Shilpa for consoling me, administering the dose and for reasons beyond words.

9.Thankful to Dr.Rathnamala Desai, HOD, Deptt of OBG.I am thankful to you and your entire team Ma'am for treating me with best of judgement. Having a non surgical treatment came as a big relief.
10. Thankful to Dr.Pavan Patil who got entire ultrasound machine transported to avoid my risk of further rupture due to travelling.

11.Thankful to Apoorv for visiting us in hospital.Thankful to the fun stories you narrated.Stories about Lucknow, midnight run, bunking classes, preparing( or rather not preparing) for exams, worrying for results, daddy dreading and other unlimited adventures. I also remember that other name, that partner-in-crime you always talked about, Nishchay. 

12.Thankful to Jayshree Aunty.Aunty, if you are reading this, let me tell this one thing to you.You are a true child of God. The way you react to someone else's pain, that expression on your face, your advices, that unlimited stuff you did for me,  your motherly touch, I will never forget that. So far I only knew dictionary difference between these words; sympathy and empathy. After meeting you, I actually realize the difference between these two. I want to be like you.I know that it is very difficult.If my memory serves me right; I read somewhere that persons who are caring and kind have a particular kind of genetic disposition. But then reading something is one thing and experiencing it is other.I was a total stranger to you, still you felt so deeply for me. I can proclaim, you are born with that, 'caring gene'. I wish I was like you.

13.Thankful to Robin Sir.You helped us fetch our belongings to and fro Hubli-Dharwad.I am also thankful to you for helping us arrange a basic requirement of a home like settlement. All the more important for those awesome one liners which made us laugh because laughing was a rare luxury back then, hard for us to afford.  

14.Thankful to Abhijeet Bhaiya, Yogesh Bhaiya and Bhuwan Bhaiya for extending support when we were in your house.I remember all of you always ensured that I take rest.And each one of you remained particular that I do not get involved in any chore. 

15.Thankful to my maid who never absented and was always ready to help.

16.Thankful to Chinu, Vijay & Veeresh, Archana, Manjula, Mr.Patil, Sudha, Shwetha and Madhu for being friends and guide.

17.Thankful to Dr.Kammar, Principal, Karnataka Medical College.Sir, I am thankful that you prevented me from delving deeper into the medical nitty gritty of ectopics.Very subtly you helped me channelize my energy in right direction.  
18.Thankful to Kinjal, Mish, Chhaya, Mala didi, Nikita, Siddu, Richa Bhabhi, Renu and Priyanka for the good times.

19.Thankful to Sanidhi for visiting us.That visit of yours was a big time healer.

20.Thankful to my husband's employer Vijaya Bank which stood beside him and let him be on leave while he was attending me in hospital.

21.Thankful to my employer Coal India Limited.I am currently posted in Northern Coalfields Limited and my seniors here were supportive to the hilt.I am thankful to all NCLites who helped me join and continue duty.

22.I am thankful to Vibha and Vineet. My first teachers, my first readers.You people are awesome.I call you 'awesome twosome'. Your feedback was of great value.

23.  I am thankful to our families especiallly my Mumma, Papa and brother for trusting our judgement and excusing us for delayed information. Papa, Mumma, Bhai, you all were away, had we told you things in real time, it would have been very disturbing for you.We feared you people might come over. We ourselves were moving from here to there, did not know what all was happening, where will we be next moment; so we filtered lot of stuff on all those telephonic conversations.Thanks for forgiving us for that.
And, and I am thankful to my amazing husband.I do not have words for you.You are something like a mountain.Or No, Wait, may be sky. I am not sure.You are huge.The way you deal with events and create a support framework amazes me.Be it about arranging infrastructure, be it about creating right atmosphere, be it about moods, you somehow already know what all needs to be done to accomplish a particular task and get things going.I can't thank you enough. Thank you for being with me, thanks for caring endlessly, thanks for everything.



  1. Debosmita Das - Says:

    A gem surrounded by other gems. You are gem of a person Purvi. I wish to move into your circles.

  2. - Says:

    @Debosmita You see the world as you are. Thanks for seeing the gemmed world. Debosmita, I read your blogs. What beautiful pieces out there! I loved tactile effect of your writing. And as of moving into my circles, pleasure is mine. Drop your coordinates at

  3. Shwetha - Says:

    We love you.Come back.Madhu moved to SDM.

  4. Ashu - Says:

    Connect on phone at the least. Have to catch up on lot many updates.

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