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Quaintrelle (n): A woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm and cultivation of life's pleasures.

Sounds like you??

If yes, welcome to the tribe.

This write-up attempts to understand meaning of this word, 'Quaintrelle'.
To delve deeper, I have broken it down in its constituent parts.

I often wonder is there something wrong with me that I can't do only sitting when I am sitting. No matter whether I am sitting, walking, running; I am always creating something either in 3D(crafts, decor etc), 2D(writing) or in n-D(mindspace/thinking) !!

But now, with this definition of quaintrelle, I got my answer.

Nothing wrong with me and I am not alone, there is this whole tribe to which I belong. Tribe of women who know what their 'passionS' in life are and they allow themselves to go for it. They give time for it.
Time for doing it, time for thinking it.

Gone are the days, when this word passion(s) was to be invariably used as singular. Be it career, be it hobby or be it work; a smooth straightforward trajectory is passe these days.
Today one can have many passions and can pursue them together.

[Distracted-me :Though largely used for positive connotation, this word 'passion' is derived from a Greek word meaning 'to suffer'. Confusing. Isn't it?  Studying origin of words sometime yields confusing yet interesting results. Another such word I can recall at this moment is 'nice'  (origin-negative, it meant 'ignorant' but these days we use it in positive sense), another is  'shrewd' (which meant having good judgement), yet another is 'cute' (which meant clever). Distraction over.]

Now, coming to 'expressed through personal style part'. Everything we do, bears our personal signature; be it folding clothes, decorating home, styling oneself, wrapping gifts or arranging for friend's birthday party. Our actions carry our identity. And we make sure that everything we do has a bit of us in it.

'Leisurely pastimes' may be categorized as things we do to have some downtime. Like listening to music, sitting at hand-decorated window sill, enjoying weather, sipping coffee et cetera.

'Charm'understanding this part would be easier if we take it other way round.
Opposite of charm is repulsive. Repulsive means bad; exact opposite of us-like things. We are ardent lover of all things good (Ah! included this line in my bio on google plus this morning itself). This naturally makes us someone who avoids getting into quarrels, profanity, arguments or anything that drains energy.
 Anything that is repulsive is bound to drain energy, it leaves you feel unaccomplished and unfulfilling. So keeping the charm intact is vital.

'Cultivation of life's pleasure'  is about awareness of the things that please us. For example- no matter what places I am going all day, I prefer to sleep in familiar settings, I prefer to return to my place. Now, this might sound unusual but still I am very much aware about this trait of mine. This puts me in better position to have subtle strategies to ensure that I get pleasure of returning home every night.(Of course, this is not possible always :(  )
That was just one example. Each one of us might have lot of things from which we derive and cultivate pleasure. Amongst all this; important part is awareness. Awareness of what pleases you and what does not.

Being something is one thing and understanding that in stark clarity is other.

I hope we have moved an inch closer towards understanding us. Towards understanding 'Quaintrelle'.

[Bragging rights: When I decided to go for this write-up, next step was to craft picture to be used in this post. For that; took a paper, wrote 'Quaintrelle', wrote its meaning, made it colourful, prepped the settings, clicked and ta-da!! :) ]

My inspiration for this write-up is team ladyfloor. Dedicated to the glory of Ladyfloor!


  1. Jane - Says:

    Yipie! There is a word for me.

  2. - Says:

    Yes Jane, there is this beautiful word for all of us..Rejoice! community members!

  3. Archana - Says:

    Exact definition of meeeeeeee....

  4. Jane - Says:

    Ahhhhh again!The more I read it the more I love myself.

  5. Suvarna - Says:

    Yes! We are quaintrelle. Thank you Purvi.

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