LetsKakri Chapter!

Decor using mirror as background theme.

Placed a wooden tray under mirror.

Rolled couple of magazines and tugged one into another...

Took an empty bisleri can(5litre), brushed it with white paint, tied few strands of rope on its neck and used it as small fat vase..

Found a used birthday candle (that comes easy for hoarder-me), simply placed it on tray to fill space (that Chinese singing candle which blossoms like a flower on being lighted..I bet all of us have either blown it or have brought it for our birthday buddy) ...

Placed a glass candle..

Placed a bamboo plant pot..

Rolled a silver sheet, tugged kitchen funnel on it, used it as a tall slim vase...

And ta-da!!!
Here it looked good. :)

After a while, I tried another variation and changed the placement of taller vase; placed it behind bamboo plant. It looked really awkward (forgot to click pictures). Immediately restored previous settings.

Now, the afterthought : For a quick arrangement like this (or for any decor set-up), it is really important to balance colours, height and composition of stuff used.


  1. Neha - Says:

    Nice arrangement

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