#LetsGKP chapter!

Most hilarious sentences--

About Gorakhnath temple:
1.I think you know some common thing about this temple. But today I adviced you some main thing of the temple.
2.I think you know that anyone is worshipped if you creating disturbing in his pooja this very big sin.

About Company:
1.Its master name is R.K.Saxena.
2.It is many of machine.
3.In this company residence also for the labour.
4.I pray to God that this factory is always progress in the time.

What an absolute treasure!!  I am thankful to my Mumma that she preserved it...Love u Mommmyyyy..

Remember, how in my first post I talked about my first known piece of writing and that how my mother preserved it.

Few days ago, I visited my hometown, Gorakhpur.
And as a ritual, whenever I am at home, I dig out old memories, old photographs, childhood stuff and other trivia.

My Mumma recalled entire incident.

Mumma asked, "What are you writing?"

I replied "Mumma, it is an essay that I am writing on that company."

She enquired further, "Which company?"

I said, "The one which is situated on our way to Taiji's home.'

(Nostalgia struck me and I ruminated smell from that biscuit factory that filled surroundings when in childhood we visited our Taiji's home.
This was this biscuit factory which I called company)

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