Here is a glimpse of how our preparations for packing looked like when we were about to start our road journey from Karnataka to Uttar Pradesh.

 The picture here says it all. Upper portion of picture depicts my husband's preparations and lower depicts mine.

That phase was very interesting. My husband and I was packing for journey. But, the ways in which we prepared were poles apart.

I always thought that I was the creative one in this couple but after seeing my husband's preparations, I had to rethink on his creative knack.

We started packing our stuff a day before.My stuff was scattered here and there. I was too confused and could not decide what-to-pack and what-to-leave.

Meanwhile, home was all abuzz with multiple rounds of doorbell ringing. Every time my husband would go, open door and would come back with a box from Amazon. Though, I was already overloaded with my own packing panicking but I could not help poke nose in his affairs.

I asked, "What's all in these boxes?"
"Come, I will show you", he said and started walking towards the other room with boxes piled in his arms.

Curious-me toed and followed him to have a sneak peek into those boxes.

On my less than a minute route from living room to the other room, I started imagining 'me-like things' in those boxes; toys, glossy glassy trinkets, small decorative items etc..

But as I tried reading label on one of them, my hopes sobered suddenly...
The label had machine-like name on it. 

My curiosity peaked.
I asked him to open those quickly.

He sat down to slowly open one of the box in typical aabrraa--caaa--daabra style. He was delaying the process deliberately and was continuously looking into my jerry-seeing-a-cheese-eyes.

Box opened.
And Lo !!
It was some foot pump, which read, 'Automan Perfect Footpump'

After seeing that thingy lying there, it did not take much time for me to decode his thought process. But just to be double sure, I asked him to open other boxes. 

One of them contained USB car charger-without cable (Please notice this 'without cable' thing here because we already had two mobile chargers, whole undamaged and wired mobile chargers in our car; God knows what made him buy this non wired USB charger),  the other one was some multi function auto tool and last one was a mobile holder with suction cup [ he is an all-GPS person, someone who never starts even for his home unless he has geo-located it ;) ]

After getting a sense of his thought process behind accumulating this tire inflator, multiple mobile chargers, a tool with flash light alarm and GPS device holder; 


It must have taken enormous amount of creativity to imagine everything that might go wrong while travelling. 

Like both of us in middle of a dense forest.
All lost.
With comatose phones and deflated car tires in our hands.
Flashing red alarm lights to attract attention of rescue helicopter (if any) hovering over forest canopy.

No worries !! My husband is all equipped to face it all !

What an ultimate creativity!

Pun. That too an intended one ;) 
Reviews of all four car accessories coming soon.


  1. Ritu - Says:

    i am sure even your husband would have not imagined all this.You still the creative one in your couple :)

  2. - Says:

    Haahaaaa..well said Ritu..I still hold that crown ;)

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